The Karang Guni Trail® Board Game
(Life-Size version)

We enlarged The Karang Guni Trail ® Board Game to a giant version. The life-sized board games encourage participants to learn, play in teams, fostering an appreciation of teamwork and encourages bonding. The game is ideal for carnivals, team building/bonding events, birthday parties.

The life-size version is available for rent for your event. If a school, organisation, or institution would like to own the life-size version, it is available for purchase too.

The board games comes with an inflatable giant-size die & 13 question cards.

For rental or purchase of the Life-Size board game, please contact us.
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  • 1 Giant version of The Karang Gunit Trail BoardGame (8ft by 8ft).
  • 1 Inflatable Die
  • 13 Question Cards
  • Participants learn about correct Recycling behaviour, and the importance of Recycling and it also leads to a larger conversation about how they can play a part in creating a Green Planet.
  • It acts as an easy and engaging edutainment tool and bonding activity for your birthday parties/events.
  • The game board and its accessories are made for re-use and multiple uses.
  • If you have purchased the game & don’t require it anymore, to increase the life-time of the game and also to maximise the utilisation of resources that went into creating the game, we suggest donating the game to someone who doesn’t have it.


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(Life-Size version)”

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