Re-cycled Newspaper Pen/Pencil Stands (Square)

SGD 13.00

  • Repurposed from Newspaper
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
This unique recycled item has been produced from hand-rolled newspapers by women artisans in Sri Lanka. Stylishly crafted into a novel and useful eco-alternative for your home and office. It makes an ideal gift too. It's lightweight, durable and available in vibrant colours. Colours are assorted and will be assigned at random.
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  • Made from old newspaper that would have ended in the landfill.
  • Hand-made in Sri Lanka by women in the low-income community.
  • Buying the stationery will help provide income to someone in India.
  • You are saving paper waste that would have gone to the landfill.
  • No new trees are cut to make the stationery as well as its pacakaging.
  • They serve as meaningful gift for corporate gifting or any other gifting occasions.
  • For corporate gifting, we can provide customization of logo & message.
  • Do ensure that you maximise the use of the Pen/Pencil stand.
  • If you compost at home: the stand can be cut into small pieces & added to your compost bin, they act as source of Carbon (browns) in your Compost bin.
  • As it is made from paper, it is also recyclable.


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