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When it comes to cultivating green habits in classrooms and at home, games are more effective than Google search.

The Karang Guni Trail ® Board Game

Learn how to sort trash in this eco-version of Snakes and Ladders.

Card Game

Learn more about recycling in this high-tempo card game.

Learn About Sustainability In a Fun And Engaging Way

How To Play :
The Karang Guni Trail ® Board Game

The game is based on snakes ladders.
Along the trail, you’ll encounter: Trash Falls, Tree Climbs Blue Steps. Roll dice to advance.
The first to reach the end of the trail wins the game.

Tree Climb

Represents a correct recycling behaviour.

If you land on a Tree Climb, climb up to the top of the tree!

Blue Step

A trivia question about recycling

Answer the question correctly to move forward one step; otherwise; back one step.

Trash Fall

Represents a wrong recycling behaviour and a chance to learn a correct one!

If you fall down the trash fall, pick up a Blue Card. If you answer it correctly, you get to roll the dice again!

How To Play :
RecycleRight Card Game

Play it like “Snap” or “fastest-finger-first”!
Be the first to shout “RecycleRight!” when two cards of the same colour code appear and collect as many cards as you can to win.


The colour coded cards represent the correct bin they belong to


Blue cards are recyclable; Green Cards are general waste; Yellow cards are items that should be donated.


and take turns to flip your cards into the pile in the centre


Each player starts with an equal number of cards, face-down. Everyone takes turn to flip your card into the pile in the centre.


when two cards from the same bin appear one after another


The first person to shout “RecycleRight!” gets to say why the two cards belong to the same bin and keeps the cards if the answer is correct. When no player has any cards left, the player with the largest number of cards in his/her pile wins.

What’s Inside The Box

The Karang Guni Trail ® contains:

Two Games + One Activity Sheet

  • 1 Game Board (Karang Guni Trail + Composting Activity)
  • Sticker Sort Activity Sheet
  • 4 Tokens, 1 Dice, 13 Blue cards
  • Visual Guide to Composting
  • Size of game box: 43cm x 22cm x 3.5cm

RecycleRight Game contains:

  • 52 colour-coded game cards
  • 2 instruction cards
  • Size of card pack:
    6.5cm x 6.5cm x 2cm

Why You Should Buy For Your Class Or Kids

The Games Relate Closely To School-Based Eco Programmes

Complements the common topics and activities (e.g. recycling workshops, activity sheets and classroom dialogues) conducted at the school eco programmes. Creates a fun and enriching experience thus enhancing knowledge retention

Enjoyable Classroom Or Family Bonding Activity

Makes an easy and engaging edutainment tool for educators and an easy time-filler or bonding activity before or after dinner, at picnics, or when you have guests over

Comprehensive Eco-Knowledge

Recycling and composting knowledge commonly found on various resources condensed into one exciting and enriching experience. Skip the research!

What Our Community is Saying

  • “Bought the seed pencils a while ago- great way to incorporate sustainability into corporate gifting 🎁.”

    Ryan Lim


  • “We got the plantable pencils as thank you gifts for students and they appreciated the source and how it can be planted at the end of it. Easy and smooth going ordering process too. Highly recommend it.”

    Jeanette Ng


  • The game is comprehensive and fun to play. We can learn recycling and environmental knowledge while having fun. We had a great bonding time with our classmates while we learnt the different environmental knowledge from one another.


    Primary School

  • It was a good opportunity for the Green Champions to lead in the conduct of the game. The pack of Recycle Right cards is compact & small, It is very convenient to carry around.


    Primary School

  • The students enjoyed playing the game. It was also simple enough; allows deeper understanding & awareness of the classification of the types of recycled materials. It was a good opportunity for the Green Champions to lead in the conduct of the game. The pack of Recycle Right cards is compact & small, It is very convenient to carry around.


    Primary School

  • “My son also prefers the RecycleRight Card game... and it allows him to know what can /cannot be recycled. (ESP Styrofoam)”


    Product Manager & mother of 2

  • “My daughter has been playing it almost every day! And keeps asking her brothers to play with her! She can memorise the answers to the cards! 😂 The game definitely sends the recycling messages across effectively!”


    Counsellor & Mother of 4

  • “I played with my niece, and she enjoyed it. She is 6 years old. There were some words that I needed to explain to her, but she was quite interested in the concept.”


    Early Education Expert & mother of 1 year old

  • “I played it only once with my 6-year-old daughter. And then she played it by herself many many times! She loves it!”

    Sarada Raghavan

    Entrepreneur & mother of 6-year-old

  • My daugher enjoys the RecycleRight cards. She developed her own version: we use the A4 paper & draw recycling/donation/general waste bin & plce them on a table. 1 person reads out a card from the deck & the others quickly slam their hands on the correct bin. The hand who is right at the bottom gets the card and the person with most cards wins.


    Founder susGain

  • "The workshop is very informative & engaging. The trainer was well prepared & answered all the questions from the audience. There were also samples of Eco Enzymes at different stages that visually enhance the workshop. It was a great pleasure to have The Eco-Statement to be one of the Trainers for the event."


    K-Live Asia

  • “We had good fun playing the RecycleRight game. We played as a family. Good thing is our 3-year-old daughter also understands it so we could play as a family.”

    Reshmi Mathew

    Strategy Consultant & mother of 3 & 6yo

  • "Sangeeta organised a “Green initiative” workshop for my department over the Christmas period. It was fun and interactive. Sangeeta is very knowledgeable and also knows where the common blindspots are with regards to reducing, reusing and recycling. She has a lot of captivating slides and interesting videos. It ended with a interactive Bingo game that was not only really fun to play, it was also very informative with tips that we can do in our daily lives."

    Dr. Sharon Wan

    KK Hospital

  • “I have bought products from The Eco-Statement numerous times and every time, I’m amazed at the quality, workmanship and vibrant beautiful colours of their products!”

    Nilofer Iyer

    HEN Charity

  • “An absolutely fun way of learning about recycling..not just for kids!! A great idea for goodie bags or party bags at birthday parties.. who knew that learning how to "RecycleRight" could be such fun! :) -”

    Archana Shastri

    Audit/Risk Professional and mother of 7 year old

  • “My 5yo absolutely loved the Karang Guni Trail ® game. This is such an amazing way to talk about recycling with kids yet in the most fun way, in a way that they completely relate by playing snakes and ladders. Amazing concept of the game. Would certainly recommend to anyone who wants to introduce recycling to kids in a simple fun way.”

    Payal Mittal

    (Entrepreneur and mother of 2)

  • “The Karang Guni Trail ® brings our little ones on a sustainability trail. It is an age-appropriate board game that is realistic and helps children to learn more about sustainability in a fun way!”

    Ms Jean Ong

    an Early Childhood Educator

  • “The recycling workshop was such a meaningful, engaging and interesting experience for the children as well as teachers. The K1 & K2 teachers shared that children were looking out for the 'Blue Bin' while they were on their weekly visit to the United World College of South East Asia later that day.So much so that the teachers there asked "Why so much interest in the blue bin?" Some of the students shared that they told their parents about the workshop. Some managed to deposit an item in the recycling bin near their homes during the weekend!!”

    Ms Amirah

    from 4PM Kindergarten

  • “Students were able to play the games with no prior instructions. The games helped the students to learn about correct behaviours of Recycling, items that can and cannot be recycled. The donations cards helped the students to realise that not all items need to be thrown but can be re-used. As the RecycleRight card game has color-coded cards printed with 1 image per card of recyclables & non-recyclables, it helped the students learn more about different kinds of paper products that can/cannot be recycled. After playing the games, students were able to apply the learning and create impactful messages about RecycleRight that will be displayed in the school.”



Frequently Asked Questions

The Karang Guni Trail ® Board Game contains two games and one sticker sort activity sheet. The Karang Guni Trail and Composting Game shares one game board and the gameplay is similar to snakes and ladder. The sticker sort activity sheet helps the players to reinforce what they’ve learnt about recycling from the games.

For both Karang Guni Trail ® and Recycle Right, we recommend 2 to 4 players and each round would take about 30 mins.

Certainly not! The game format of snakes and ladders has existed for thousands of years and remains popular across all age groups till today. Many versions of it have been designed to promote education on consequences of climate change, on how to face conflict, or to learn local farming cycles. We’re sure your students or family members would learn a lot more about recycling and composting after a few rounds.

In Karang Guni Trail, when you land on a Blue Step, you must pick a Blue Card and answer the question about recycling. If your answer is correct, move forward 1 step. If your answer is wrong, move back 1 step.

The Karang Guni Trail Board Game and Recycle Right Card Game were both created in Singapore by The Eco-Statement as part of a project under the Call for Ideas Fund by the National Environment Agency.

For a standard classroom size of 40 students in Singapore, you may divide the class into groups of 4. Half of the class can play The Karang Guni Trail while the other play the RecycleRight game (an eco card game also published by us). After 30 mins, they can swap over. It’s good to provide an introduction to recycling knowledge before the games commence. We have conducted many workshops for kindergarten kids, primary school classes and secondary school students in the student care centres and the responses were very positive. If you’d like to engage us, contact us below.

Yes, we do. Our games are very popular as educational and engagement activities for an event. We provide the games with facilitators on rental. Please contact us (via email or whatsapp) to learn more.

Game Prices

The Karang Guni Trail ®
Board Game

Retail Price: $30.0
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Card Game

Retail Price: $10.0
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Meet The Game Creator

Sangeeta Nair,  Founder of The Eco-Statement, Sessional Lecturer at James Cook University for courses on Sustainability

Sangeeta Nair is an Educator, Environmentalist and an Entrepreneur. She’s completed an Advance Diploma in Sustainability & Sustainable Business Management from Singapore Management University (SMU) and founded The Eco-Statement which serves as a platform to experiment and learn from her ideas on sustainable living as well as business. As part of her course at James Cook University, she conducts teaching assignments, develops course outline, course materials and learning resources for course delivery and support students’ learning and stimulate classroom discussion and students engagement. She also plans and organises field trips for the students so that they experience and evaluate the actions for sustainability taken by the organisation(s).

For workshop enquiries and bulk orders quotations, click on “Contact Us”.

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