About US

About Us

The Story Behind Our Green Purpose

Raised in a quaint little town, my house was the picture of elysian countryside peace with its surrounding lush green wheat fields, seasonal vegetables, and farmers taking their cattle out for regular grazing. However, the fields were quickly replaced by industries and concrete structures. The home I once knew gradually changed, the greenery slowly dwindled, but to everyone else, this was called development and progress. When I relocated from a small village to a major city in pursuit of work, I was met by more concrete structures and glaring light. I yearned for those beautiful green fields and a slower pace of life, as I still do to this very day.

While I realise that returning to the days of lush green fields is unlikely, I started mulling over the possibility of bringing a little of that green life to the city. This led me to ask a recurring question: How can we change our habits to lessen our negative environmental impact? Establishing sustainability as part of everyone’s day-to-day existence through fun and activities eventually became a solution that should empower everyone to create their own ‘Eco-Statement’.

My hope for environmental development is that “sustainable education and circular design commodities” become as popular as the latest fancy purse, iPhone, or fashion statement. Thus, with that aim and vision, marks the birth of our brand, “The Eco-Statement”.

~ Sangeeta, Founder, The Eco-Statement

Our Areas of Focus



Enjoy a wide roster of our games and workshops covering a myriad of topics about Sustainability, in a fun environment that fosters engaging holistic learning.



We curate products that are sustainable, made following the principles of Circular Design (Trash to Treasure) to help make your lives more sustainable.

We aim to alter the narrative on waste by creating games and holding educational workshops to show that anybody can have a positive influence on their community by influencing people to decrease waste and think about their impact on the globe.

Our Impact


Successful workshops on the topic of Sustainability.


Audience of various groups reached through our workshops.


Children engaged through our Games.

What our Community is Saying

  • "The workshop is very informative & engaging. The trainer was well prepared & answered all the questions from the audience. There were also samples of Eco Enzymes at different stages that visually enhance the workshop. It was a great pleasure to have The Eco-Statement to be one of the Trainers for the event."


    K-Live Asia

  • "Sangeeta organised a “Green initiative” workshop for my department over the Christmas period. It was fun and interactive. Sangeeta is very knowledgeable and also knows where the common blindspots are with regards to reducing, reusing and recycling. She has a lot of captivating slides and interesting videos. It ended with a interactive Bingo game that was not only really fun to play, it was also very informative with tips that we can do in our daily lives."

    Dr. Sharon Wan

    KK Hospital