The Games Relate Closely To School-Based Eco Programmes

Complements the common topics and activities conducted at the school eco programmes. Creates a fun and enriching experience thus enhancing knowledge retention

Enjoyable Classroom Or
Family Bonding Activity

Makes an easy and engaging edutainment tool for educators and an easy time-filler or bonding activity before or after dinner, at picnics, or when you have guests over


Recycling and composting knowledge commonly found on various resources condensed into one exciting and enriching experience. Skip the research!

Singapore’s First Eco Board Game & Card Game

When it comes to cultivating green habits in classrooms and at home, games are more effective than Google search.

The Karang Guni Trail ® Board Game

Card Game

Sustainable Living Made Fun



Enjoy a wide roster of our games and workshops covering a myriad of topics about Sustainability, in a fun environment that fosters engaging holistic learning.



We curate products that are sustainable, made following the principles of Circular Design (Trash to Treasure) to help make your lives more sustainable.

What our Community is Saying

  • The game is comprehensive and fun to play. We can learn recycling and environmental knowledge while having fun. We had a great bonding time with our classmates while we learnt the different environmental knowledge from one another.


    Primary School

  • It was a good opportunity for the Green Champions to lead in the conduct of the game. The pack of Recycle Right cards is compact & small, It is very convenient to carry around.


    Primary School

  • The students enjoyed playing the game. It was also simple enough; allows deeper understanding & awareness of the classification of the types of recycled materials. It was a good opportunity for the Green Champions to lead in the conduct of the game. The pack of Recycle Right cards is compact & small, It is very convenient to carry around.


    Primary School

  • “The Karang Guni Trail ® brings our little ones on a sustainability trail. It is an age-appropriate board game that is realistic and helps children to learn more about sustainability in a fun way!”

    Ms Jean Ong

    an Early Childhood Educator

  • “The recycling workshop was such a meaningful, engaging and interesting experience for the children as well as teachers. The K1 & K2 teachers shared that children were looking out for the 'Blue Bin' while they were on their weekly visit to the United World College of South East Asia later that day.So much so that the teachers there asked "Why so much interest in the blue bin?" Some of the students shared that they told their parents about the workshop. Some managed to deposit an item in the recycling bin near their homes during the weekend!!”

    Ms Amirah

    from 4PM Kindergarten

  • “Students were able to play the games with no prior instructions. The games helped the students to learn about correct behaviours of Recycling, items that can and cannot be recycled. The donations cards helped the students to realise that not all items need to be thrown but can be re-used. As the RecycleRight card game has color-coded cards printed with 1 image per card of recyclables & non-recyclables, it helped the students learn more about different kinds of paper products that can/cannot be recycled. After playing the games, students were able to apply the learning and create impactful messages about RecycleRight that will be displayed in the school.”



Our Workshops

Mind your Rs

Duration: 1 hour 30 min

Everyone cares about the environment, but we may not be fully aware of the environmental problems around us. Or, if we are, it may be that we are not sure about how to get started to become part of the solution.

Get into the Game of Food Sustainability

Duration: 1 hour 30 min

We have curated a fun online interactive game that peels the layers around different aspects of food waste/food sustainability, busts some myths around food labels & provides tips on how to create a sustainable food system within our homes.

Eco Enzymes at Home

Duration: 1 hour

Take one more step towards sustainable living – convert food waste to something
useful, reusing plastic bottles, and decrease the chemical load in your house.

Home Composting

Duration: 1 Hour

Don’t bin it – green it! Did you know you can turn “trash” into soil conditioner?
Composting @ Home focuses on food wastage in SG and how we can convert our domestic food waste into something useful using practical & interesting methods.

Introduction to Circular Design

This talk/workshop introduces the principles of Circular Design and Circular Economy. Learn about the problems of the Linear Economy system and how Circular Design & Economy can help towards building a sustainable world and have a go at applying the principles using daily life examples.

Get into the Game of Recycling

Duration: 1 Hour

We feel that education is the key to improving recycling habits amongst Singapore residents. So, we
designed Game-Based learning workshops through which participants would gain knowledge about recycling.

Climate Fresk Workshop

Duration: 3 Hour

The Climate Fresk Workshop is a science-based workshop that aims to educate and raise awareness about climate change worldwide.


Upcycling Workshop

Duration: 1 Hour

An important aspect of the 3Rs is REUSE. ‘Reuse’ is about how to lengthen the lifetime of an item or how to avoid an item from reaching the landfill.