The Games Relate Closely To School-Based Eco Programmes

Complements the common topics and activities conducted at the school eco programmes. Creates a fun and enriching experience thus enhancing knowledge retention

Enjoyable Classroom Or
Family Bonding Activity

Makes an easy and engaging edutainment tool for educators and an easy time-filler or bonding activity before or after dinner, at picnics, or when you have guests over


Recycling and composting knowledge commonly found on various resources condensed into one exciting and enriching experience. Skip the research!

Singapore’s First Eco Board Game & Card Game

When it comes to cultivating green habits in classrooms and at home, games are more effective than Google search.

The Karang Guni Trail ® Board Game

Card Game

Sustainable Living Made Fun



Enjoy a wide roster of our games and workshops covering a myriad of topics about Sustainability, in a fun environment that fosters engaging holistic learning.



We curate products that are sustainable, made following the principles of Circular Design (Trash to Treasure) to help make your lives more sustainable.

What our Community is Saying

  • “My son also prefers the RecycleRight Card game... and it allows him to know what can /cannot be recycled. (ESP Styrofoam)”


    Product Manager & mother of 2

  • “My daughter has been playing it almost every day! And keeps asking her brothers to play with her! She can memorise the answers to the cards! 😂 The game definitely sends the recycling messages across effectively!”


    Counsellor & Mother of 4

  • “I played with my niece, and she enjoyed it. She is 6 years old. There were some words that I needed to explain to her, but she was quite interested in the concept.”


    Early Education Expert & mother of 1 year old

  • “I played it only once with my 6-year-old daughter. And then she played it by herself many many times! She loves it!”

    Sarada Raghavan

    Entrepreneur & mother of 6-year-old

  • My daugher enjoys the RecycleRight cards. She developed her own version: we use the A4 paper & draw recycling/donation/general waste bin & plce them on a table. 1 person reads out a card from the deck & the others quickly slam their hands on the correct bin. The hand who is right at the bottom gets the card and the person with most cards wins.


    Founder susGain

  • “We had good fun playing the RecycleRight game. We played as a family. Good thing is our 3-year-old daughter also understands it so we could play as a family.”

    Reshmi Mathew

    Strategy Consultant & mother of 3 & 6yo

  • “An absolutely fun way of learning about recycling..not just for kids!! A great idea for goodie bags or party bags at birthday parties.. who knew that learning how to "RecycleRight" could be such fun! :) -”

    Archana Shastri

    Audit/Risk Professional and mother of 7 year old

  • “My 5yo absolutely loved the Karang Guni Trail ® game. This is such an amazing way to talk about recycling with kids yet in the most fun way, in a way that they completely relate by playing snakes and ladders. Amazing concept of the game. Would certainly recommend to anyone who wants to introduce recycling to kids in a simple fun way.”

    Payal Mittal

    (Entrepreneur and mother of 2)

Our Workshops

Mind your Rs

Duration: 1 hour 30 min

Everyone cares about the environment, but we may not be fully aware of the environmental problems around us. Or, if we are, it may be that we are not sure about how to get started to become part of the solution.

Get into the Game of Food Sustainability

Duration: 1 hour 30 min

We have curated a fun online interactive game that peels the layers around different aspects of food waste/food sustainability, busts some myths around food labels & provides tips on how to create a sustainable food system within our homes.

Eco Enzymes at Home

Duration: 1 hour

Take one more step towards sustainable living – convert food waste to something
useful, reusing plastic bottles, and decrease the chemical load in your house.

Home Composting

Duration: 1 Hour

Don’t bin it – green it! Did you know you can turn “trash” into soil conditioner?
Composting @ Home focuses on food wastage in SG and how we can convert our domestic food waste into something useful using practical & interesting methods.

Introduction to Circular Design

This talk/workshop introduces the principles of Circular Design and Circular Economy. Learn about the problems of the Linear Economy system and how Circular Design & Economy can help towards building a sustainable world and have a go at applying the principles using daily life examples.

Get into the Game of Recycling

Duration: 1 Hour

We feel that education is the key to improving recycling habits amongst Singapore residents. So, we
designed Game-Based learning workshops through which participants would gain knowledge about recycling.

Climate Fresk Workshop

Duration: 3 Hour

The Climate Fresk Workshop is a science-based workshop that aims to educate and raise awareness about climate change worldwide.


Upcycling Workshop

Duration: 1 Hour

An important aspect of the 3Rs is REUSE. ‘Reuse’ is about how to lengthen the lifetime of an item or how to avoid an item from reaching the landfill.